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Occupational Science and Therapy

Occupational Science and Therapy

Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Carolyn Teter demonstrates a transfer with Ashley Valentine '11 in the community skills lab.

Imagine if you could study OT in an environment where the professors “get” the real world because they’ve all worked in it themselves.

Would it be easier to plan your career if you had OT experiences in hospitals, nursing homes, school districts, private practices, adult day care centers, and child care programs while you were still in school?

How confident would you be in your ability after you’ve had more than 1,380 hours of real-world, OT experience … more than any other OT graduates in the country.

How secure would you feel knowing that 95-100% of the people who have been through the same OT program you’re in had at least one job offer on the table before they graduated? (Source: Annual Program Evaluation)

What Sets Keuka College Apart?

World-class faculty. Hands-on, real-world experience. Guaranteed admission into a master’s program. A degree held in the highest esteem by the OT profession for the past 25 years. These are what sets Keuka College’s OT program apart.

Keuka College’s occupational therapy (OT) program features a four-year undergraduate degree (B.S.) in occupational science followed by a one-year graduate degree (M.S.) in occupational therapy.

Keuka College develops OT practitioners by providing classroom and experiential learning opportunities in the areas of:

  • Professional Development: Working with clients/patients, other health care providers, and within school systems
  • Direct Service: Providing evaluation and treatment techniques to a variety of clients/patients.
  • Indirect Service: Using written and oral communication skills.
  • Service Leadership/Management: Becoming leaders and managers within OT delivery systems.
  • Scholarly Work: Becoming lifelong learners in the OT field.