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AOTA Fieldwork Educators Certificate Program Workshop April 14-15, 2016 in Watertown, NY

AOTA and Upstate NY Fieldwork Consortium present the AOTA Fieldwork Educators Certificate Program Workshop. See information and details about registration below.







Guest Editorial in ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners from Dr. Christopher Alterio

Dr. Christopher Alterio, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, wrote the guest editorial for the January 2016 edition of ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners.

His editorial on how the OTA law endangers the public can be read below.

Article Accepted for Publication by Assistant Professor Sunny Winstead

Sunny Winstead, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, has had an article accepted for publication by the Open Journal of Occupational Therapy (OJOT) to be published later this year.

In a recent doctoral course, Ms. Winstead completed a preliminary literature review which became the basis for the article that discusses and applies key research findings related to unique competencies in community-based OT practice.  The article is entitled “What’s in the Fridge? Unique Competencies of Community-Based Occupational Therapists.”

Ms. Winstead is currently a doctoral student at the University of New England, pursuing a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership with anticipated completion in the summer of 2017. For her dissertation, she plans to research the unique competencies of OTs in community-based practice and to explore how these competences develop. This research is based on her personal experience in community-based practice, and her desire to contribute to curriculum design that better prepares students to practice in community-based settings such as home health, community mental health, early intervention, vocational services, workplace health and safety, etc.

OJOT is a peer-reviewed, open access journal with a mission to publish high quality articles that focus on applied research, practice, and education in the occupational therapy profession. The journal can be accessed here.

We will post a link to Assistant Professor Winstead’s article on the blog when it is published.


Fieldwork Education: Is it appropriate to answer “not applicable” on the Fieldwork Performance Evaluation?

The answer is: No!
In the Fieldwork Performance Evaluation for Level II fieldwork, in particular,
#27 – Demonstrate through practice or discussion the ability to assign appropriate responsibilities to the OTA and OT aide
#28 – Demonstrate through practice or discussion the ability to actively collaborate with the OTA.
These always appear difficult to score when there is no OTA or OT aide on site. In this case, please ask the student to explain if there were these professionals on site, how they would they assign responsibilities or actively collaborate with these professionals. Then, the supervisor at the site can effectively give a score in these two sections.
As always, if there are questions, please contact Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Dr. Michele Bennett, OTD, MS, OTR/L at (315) 279-5720 or [email protected]

Becoming a Fieldwork “Educator”

Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Dr. Michele Bennett, would like to share a great AOTA Continuing Education article with our fieldwork educators.

Here is a link to the article from 2009.

Willie Jones III is Keynote Speaker at Rochester Gala


Willie Jones III, OT master’s student, was the keynote speaker at the 18th Annual Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Gala in Rochester on May 9th, 2015. The event is a fundraiser for the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, which helps students overcome barriers that may normally cause them to drop out and abandon their education. The gala is a high-end, black-tie event hosted by Danny and Stency Wegman of Wegmans Food Markets.

Danny Wegman and Willie at the gala.


The program began in 1987 and was founded by Wegmans Food Markets as a way to address high employee turnover and diversity in Wegmans part-time workforce as well as to increase high school graduation rates in the community. Core elements of the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection model include youth advocates based in every school, life skills activities and programs, youth employment training, employment partnerships, ongoing mentoring, college preparation and support, as well as individualized academic support.


Willie graduated from School of the Arts (Rochester) in 2011 and is an alumni of Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. He was then given the opportunity to go through Hillside’s Youth Employment Training Academy where he learned many workforce readiness and interview skills that helped him obtain a job at Wegmans. Working at Wegmans led Willie to obtaining a scholarship that would help him financially with college. Through Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, he was given the opportunity to visit Keuka College and apply for several scholarships, one of which was a full-tuition scholarship. Willie received this scholarship, and was able to attend Keuka College, a school he may not have been able to afford otherwise.

Willie graduated May 23, 2015 from Keuka College with his bachelor’s degree in occupational science. Willie is completing his Level II fieldwork this summer at the University of Rochester Medical Center in orthopedics and rehabilitation. He is due to graduate with his master’s in occupational therapy in May of 2016. Willie is proud to be the first black male to graduate from the Keuka College occupational therapy program.

He also credits the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection for teaching him the importance of getting and staying involved. Willie is also a member of the Sigma Lamda Sigma Honor Society, is part of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and a member of the acapella group QKApella at Keuka College.

Willie closed his remarkable keynote speech with the following statement:

“There are many children that are smart and hard workers, just like I am—and need resources to help them make it in a world that is so easy to get lost in. This program provides that missing guidance that many families do not have due to the presence of only one parent in the home and other obstacles caused by life. I, myself, have strived to be a positive statistic rather than a negative one…We have enough negative statistics. This program helps groom students to be positive role models in our community and I am honored to be a part of Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. There is an old saying, it takes a village to raise a child, and Hillside was a part of the village that raised me.”

You can learn more about the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection at



Division of OT Student Awards and Scholarships for 2014-2015

Keuka College’s Division of Occupational Therapy is proud to honor the following students with the awards and scholarships listed below:


This award is presented to an occupational therapy student whose enthusiasm and interest represents an exceptional commitment to the ideals of the profession of occupational therapy. This award was presented to two OT senior students this year:

Haley Ash

Olivia O’Boyle


This award is presented to the student that demonstrates commitment and skills in the clinical reasoning process throughout academic and practice settings. This award was presented to two OT senior students this year:

Zachary Nobles

Sara Sloan


This award recognizes a student for their overall academic excellence as demonstrated in GPA, classroom participation, Field Period™ and fieldwork performance, and research endeavors. This award was presented to one OT senior student:

Savannah Fuller


This award recognizes a member of the occupational therapy senior class for their collaborative effort to promote the profession of occupational therapy. The award acknowledges the individual’s efforts to promote public awareness and understanding of occupational therapy at Keuka College and the community at large. This award was presented to:

Faith Garlington


Barbara Neuhaus graduated from Keuka in 1950 with a degree in sociology. After Keuka, Barbara earned a certificate in occupational therapy, a master’s in special education and a doctorate in teaching from Columbia University. She worked as, lectured on and taught occupational therapy throughout a long and distinguished career, winning numerous awards and commendations for her work.

This scholarship is presented to honor Barbara Neuhaus – her dedication to her profession, determination, integrity, and her special humor.

This scholarship was awarded to three OT senior students:

Kimberly Dauphin

Olivia Hudson

Jeffery Miller


The purpose of this memorial scholarship is to support and recognize an occupational therapy student as they prepare for professional practice and to honor the memory of Anastasia Alisa McManus. Anastasia was an occupational science major whose life and career aspirations were cut short due to a car accident. This scholarship reflects Anastasia’s passion for the occupational therapy profession, community, and college service.

This scholarship was awarded to an OT junior student:

Jenna Soldaczewski

The students were presented with their awards and scholarships at the Keuka College Honors Convocation on May 2, 2015. Congratulations to these students for their achievements!

OT Adjunct Instructor, Jim Wagner, published in the Journal of Hand Therapy


The Division of OT would like to extend recognition and congratulations to adjunct instructor, Jim Wagner, OTR/L, CHT, CPAM, CSCS, CKPT. He has been published in the Journal of Hand Therapy with a colleage, Kellye Olson, OTR/L, CHT. They describe how they use thermoplastic materials to augment home exercise programs for clients with chronic and post-surgical soft tissue dysfunction. They also discuss how after thorough education is provided, this alternative tool may be given for patient use.

A link to access the article via the Journal of Hand Therapy is provided here.

Red the Cat!

OT senior, Aidan McCown assisting Red. 

Red is a happy 5-month old cat that was left at the Humane Society of Yates County at birth. He is currently in a specialized foster care home awaiting the purrfect forever home. He has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that affects his ability to maintain his balance, walk and be safe in his environment.

Through a partnership with our Keuka College OT program, students, as well as the Humane Society of Yates County, we have developed an adapted climbing structure which utilizes Red’s strengths while accommodating for his limitations. This allows him to be a kitten and have fun while remaining safe and gaining valuable skills.

For more information on Red, please contact the Humane Society of Yates County .

Dr. Carrie Roberts, Assistant Professor of OT, Michael Bennett (employee at Humane Society of Yates County), and OT senior, Aidan McCown assisting Red up the structure. 

Eleven New Inductees in PTE

The Division of Occupational Therapy at Keuka College is excited to announce that eleven students were recently inducted into the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Pi Theta Epsilon, the national occupational therapy honor Society. The induction ceremony was held on May 3rd, 2014 at Top of the Lake in Penn Yan, N.Y. The ceremony was presided over by the current members of the organization and their faculty advisor, Dr. Jean Wannall. An inspiring keynote address was given by Dr. Michele Bennett (Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy and Academic Fieldwork Coordinator at Keuka College) on the topic of leadership and professionalism. The newly inducted members include (front row, left to right) Haley Ash, Sara Niver, Faith Garlington, Chloe Zaengle, Kayla Clark, (back row, left to right) Olivia Hudson, Meghan Kelly, Aidan McCown, Katherine Lynch, and Kimberly Dauphin.  Newly inducted member not pictured is Savannah Fuller.

Pictured below are all PTE members in attendance at the ceremony.